How can I login on my new VPS?

You can always login to your VPS via SSH.

To do so, simply download and install the following software and follow the steps below:  ( DOWNLOAD


1.  After you have finished downloading the installer, open it, and you should see a windows similar to this one:

2.  Select the folder that you would like to install PuTTY. It will only use 3,5MB of your space, so nothing much.

3. Choose a name that you would like it to appear on your Start Menu.

4. Make sure the following boxes are checked.

5. Now click install 

6. After the installation is done, you should see the following icon on your desktop

7. Now double click on the icon to start PuTTY. After you should see the following screen. Make sure to type your IP address in the Hostname/IP field:

8. After, another window will pop up, asking you for a Username/Password. Your username, is always "root" (without quotes) . After you have entered the username, type in your "root" password. ( You won't be able to see the password as you type)

9. After you have typed your login details, and they are correct, you should see the following screen, which means that you are now logged in to your new VPS!

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