My server is not showing in the servers list or I can't join it

If your server is not showing up in-game it is most likely due to it not starting up correctly. You can confirm this by logging into your control-panel and clicking on the "Current activity & stats" button, if it says "<Your IP> is not responding to query", it means your server is offline.
You can open up the Log Viewer in the control-panel and find the log-file with the ".RPT" suffix, either download this or stream it via the panel. Scroll down to the bottom of it and you should see the error message, it's usually prefixed with "Warning:" or "Error:", in most cases it's caused by mods requiring other addons that are not added to the server, in those cases it will say exactly what is needed and is as such an easy fix.

If you feel like you need further assistance in getting your server started up so it shows up accordingly, don't hesitate to login to your client area and submit a ticket to our support department.



The Fragnet team!

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