Moving a Game Server to a Different Machine

When a Game Server is moved to another machine, there are some aspects to be aware of.

IP-Address: The IP Address of a Game Server will be changed if the service is moved to another machine. As IP Addresses are allocated to our Dedicated Servers in blocks, we are not able to transfer a single IP out of that block to another machine. We recommend setting up a DNS name for your service, which can then be changed at any time to point to a different address if needed.

McMyAdmin (Minecraft): When a Minecraft Server is moved, the McMyAdmin Panel must be re-configured to work with the new machine. This can be done via the Game Panel by re-installing McMyAdmin Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 from the Game Mods section. Once these have finished installing, your server will run again as normal. This step is necessary after the server has moved and is back online in the Game Panel.

Data Files: When a server is transferred, the files will be kept intact. While we always urge our customers to keep frequent backups of their services, the files themselves will not change when moved between machines.

Duration: A server's transfer time depends on the distance between the machines, and the size of your servers files. We generally recommend waiting for 15-30 minutes for a server transfer, although this can often times be faster or slower than that. However, If your server's files are extremely large, this process can sometimes take as much as a few hours, and potentially fail if the size is too large.

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