Getting Started with your server - basics

Assuming you are rather new at administrating a Minecraft server and easily want to get started with Bukkit, some basic admin features and also making yourself admin - please follow the below steps:

Installing Bukkit

Bukkit is NOT installed by default. To install Bukkit (CraftBukkit),log in to McMyAdmin and click Configuration > Server Settings. Choose Craftbukkit in Server Type and then your desired Bukkit build (Recommended) in the CraftBukkit Release Stream field and last but not least hit Install

Installing Plugins

We recommend starting out with Essentials, that will also include GroupManager (a permission plugin). Essentials will offer a wide range of commands, such as /warp, /home, /spawn etc
To install Essentials, log in to Fragnet Game Panel ( and navigate to your Minecraft server. Once there click on Game Mods and choose Essentials. The Game Panel will now install Essentials for you and restart your server.
To install any other plugin, you can either pick from the Game Mods list or upload any plugin yourself. is a good place to find plugins. Most plugins consists of only ONE .jar file, which is all you need. You will need to upload the plugin.jar file to /minecraft/plugins folder. You can do this by using the builtin File Manager (Game Panel) or by using your FTP access. Once the .jar file is in place, restart the server and you should see a subfolder being created in /minecraft/plugins folder - where the plugin config and data files will be stored. If you need to configure the plugin, simply choose to edit any yml file in the File Manager
PLEASE NOTE that the plugin must support your current Bukkit build or you may experience issues. If you are unsure, you should contact Fragnet Support

Setting up Users and Groups (making yourself admin)

Log in to McMyAdmin. We need to do two things in here, first of all tell McMyAdmin what permission plugin you are using. McMyAdmin stores all settings in a file called groupinfo.json. These settings can be exported to most of the permissions plugin out there. Click Configuration > Features and choose GroupManager in Permissions Exporting field. This will overwrite any yml file located in the /minecraft/plugins/groupmanager folder with the settings made in Users and Groups in McMyAdmin.

Click Users and Groups. You will see the various group names, their settings, members and permitted commands. * in Permitted Commands means wildcard, i e ALL plugin commands are allowed. * in Users means that any user not specified by name will be placed in that group (ie making that group Default). The other settings like Chat color are depending on a Bukkit Chat plugin. EssentialsChat is installed with the Essentials installation, why you will have this if you have followed the above steps. In order to make yourself Administrator, simply add your name to the Users column in the Adminstrator group. You can add your name or command by entering it in the field below the column and hitting the button. You can remove any name or permitted command by hitting the next to it.

Ok, now you are all done with your basic setup. By installing additional plugins, you will automatically have access to these as Administrator - or you can add the Permission Node to the group you want to allow commands. Permission Node for /setspawn command in Essentials looks like essentials.setspawn. You simply add this to the Permitted Commands column for the group you want to allow the command. You will need to consult each plugin documentation for their permission nodes.
Last but not least, make sure to restart your server once - to make sure everything is properly set!

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