How to manage your server files using FTP (File transfer protocol)

We provide you with full access over your server files through both the game panel's integrated file manager, and the File transfer protocol (FTP). The integrated file manager is a lightweight solution for simple tasks such as file and folder deletes/renames, light file uploads, among others. FTP is more suited for heavier tasks such as large file uploads (both in size and number), moving files from one directory to another, etcetera.

Connecting to your FTP account.

You can follow these steps to access and manage your server files using FTP :

1. Download and install an FTP client, FileZilla is one of the most popular and feature-rich ones : Download FileZilla
2. Connect to your FTP account using the following details :

- Address : Your game server address
  Warning : Do not include the port after the IP address (I.E instead of
- Username : Your game panel username
- Password : Your game panel password
- Port : 21/8821 (default FTP ports, check your control-panel to see which one you should use)

Connecting to FTP

Use those credentials to fill in the fields in your FTP client then click on connect ("quick connect" for FileZilla)

Be careful when you type this information as you may get a 5 minutes ban if you attempt to login with the wrong credentials repeatedly. In that situation, simply disconnect and wait 5 minutes before trying again.


Uploading and downloading files or folders


FTP is particularly useful for backing up your server files, or uploading plugins/worlds/settings onto your server.

Once connected to your FTP account, all of your server files will be listed on the right side of the screen, whilst your computer's files will be listed on the left side.
You can upload, download, and move files from your computer to your server and vice versa, as well as within the server's folders.
Download and upload files using FTP
You may alternatively right click on the relevant file or folder and hit the "Download" or "Upload" button.

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