ArmA 3 - How to add mods!

Adding a mod for ARMA3 is not very complicated but requires the use of FTP or file-manager.

In this example we'll be using the mod "Community Base Addons", or "CBA_A3".


First off, you'll need to find and download the mod you want to install, I recommend using this site. Once you find the mod you want to install, download it to your PC and go back to your control-panel.

There are two ways to proceed, either using FTP or the control-panel file-manager. I will list both options below:

Connect to your server using an FTP client (FTP information can be found on your control-panel). When connected, move the mod-folder (@<ModName>) to your root directory (the first directory listing in the FTP client). When done, enter the mod-folder by double-clicking it. If there's a "/keys" folder inside that directory, enter it and copy the ".bikey"-file. Go back to your root directory and paste the key-file into the "/keys" folder in your root directory. You have now uploaded the mod to your server.

You can use the control-panel file-manager to upload the mod, but you will have to first zip the mod-folder (@<ModName>) into a zip-archive. When done, open the control-panel file-manager, click the "Upload" button and select your archive, then click the red "Upload" button. Remember that you still need to copy the ".bikey" file from the mod folder to the "/Keys" folder in your root directory.

When the file has been uploaded, you will need to adjust your server commandline to include the mod upon startup. To do this, sign in to your control-panel, find the "Commandline Manager" and enter it. Switch over to the "Custom Commandlines" tab and create a new/edit the existing one. Find the "-mod" field, and add "@<ModName>" to the text-box. Keep in mind that this has to match the folder-name of the mod you just uploaded exactly, otherwise it will not load. If you wish to add more than one mod, you can separate them in the commandline with semi-colons ";", for example like this: @CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Terrains
If the mod does not load correctly, try changing any spaces in the folder name to underscores (_) instead, as has been done above.


When you're done, make sure the custom commandline is selected in the manager, and restart the server. Your mod should now load during startup! If you have any problems with this, feel free to contact our support department by signing in to your client area and submitting a ticket!

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