How to add mods to your DayZ server

This article will cover how to add mods to your DayZ Community server and how to load them using the Steam workshop installer.

Prerequisites for this article:
A DayZ Standalone - Community Server (can be found here)

Using the Steam workshop installer

This will be a step-by-step tutorial on how to add and load mods using our Steam workshop installer.
First off, we'll need to find the ID of the mod you want to install, this can be found in the DayZ Steam workshop:
1. Navigate to the DayZ Steam workshop, either by above hyperlink or directly via your Steam client
2. Browse the workshop to find the mod you want to install, for the purpose of this article we'll be using the popular mod "Winter_Chernarus" by author "Crazy Mike"
3. Once you find your mod, look at the green URL just below your username, I have encircled the mod ID:

4. Simply copy the mod ID to your clipboard, and you're ready to proceed with ...

Using the Steam Workshop Installer to install your desired mod
1. Login to your control-panel & go to your DayZ service
2. Go to your
Mod Manager and make sure "Steam Workshop Installer" is installed (this is installed by default on new services)
3. Go back to your main control-panel, find the "Steam Workshop Installer" button and click it, you will be presented with the following tool:

Steam Workshop Installer

4. Input the ID you copied earlier from the Steam workshop in the first field
5. In the "Mod name" field, input what you want the name of the folder to be. We're installing the "Winter_Chernarus" mod, so we'll be naming it "@Winter_Chernarus":

6. Once done, click the "Execute" button and the panel will automatically download the mod and place it in your root directory in the folder "@Winter_Chernarus". It will also automatically grab the key (.bikey) from the mod folder and copy it to your server "/keys" folder.

Now that you've installed the mod on your server, it's time to make sure it loads on server start-up. To get it to load we must add it to our commandline, so go back to your control-panel and click on the 
Commandline Manager

1. Once you've found your commandline manager, start with switching over to the "Custom Commandlines" tab:

2. Click the "New" button to create a new commandline, you will see a number of fields to fill in:
• Description - Can be anything, only used to put a name to your custom commandline, has no effect on your server
• Configuration file - Relative path to your server configuration file (default is "serverDZ.cfg")
• Server profile - Relative path to your server profile folder, should be a name that does not contain special characters or spaces, this will generate a folder in your root directory with that name that will contain your server logs and profile data
• Checkbox for filePatching - use only if necessary
• Checkbox for scrAllowFileWrite - use only if mod requires it
• -mod - This is what you use to load your mods, simply input the folder name of the mod you want to load, you can load multiple ones by separating them with semicolons (;)

3. Fill in the fields as needed. We're only loading the "Winter_Chernarus" mod so our commandline would look like this:
Note: Make sure that the checkboxes on the left-hand side are checked for the fields you're using!

4. Once you're done editing, click the save button to save the commandline, it will be generated and you'll see it under your custom commandlines
5. To the right of your newly created commandline, you'll see an "Edit" button and a "Select" button, click the "Select" button (note: this will restart your server if it's running, to prevent it from restarting when selecting make sure you click the "Don't restart" button next to the "New" button)
6. You'll know you're ready when the custom commandline changes to a bold font instead

7. You're done, if your server was not restarted from selecting the new commandline, all you need to do is restart it and the mod should load!

That's it for this article, we hope it helped! If you should have any questions relating to your DayZ service (or anything else for that matter), feel free to contact our support department at any time.

Happy modding!

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