Differences between server types

In this article we will go through the difference between the various DayZ types we offer.

At current, you can order one of two different servers on our ordering page here, these are as follows:

• DayZ Standalone
• DayZ Standalone - Community Server

Below we will go into detail about each server type, what you can and cannot do, and what to expect when your server is setup.

DayZ Standalone
This server type is a public-hive server, what this means is that it shares characters with other server on the public hive running the same server type as you (regular or hardcore). This does not share characters with official servers. The DayZ Standalone server type has restricted file access & server owners of this server type are bound by the hosting rules for the public hive, these can be found here: https://data.bistudio.com/download/dayz/Server_Hosting_Rules_Public.pdf

DayZ Standalone - Community Server
This server type is a local-hive server, this means it will not share characters with any other servers. This server type comes with full FTP access and an automatic Steam workshop mod installer. It is not bound by any hosting rules, you can put a password on it or whitelist it as you see fit. This is the server type you need if you want to mod your server!

If you have any further inquiries in regards to the server types, our support department is available for any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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