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Affiliates: Custom URL codes When using the official Affiliates system to refer new users to our services in return for a... Affiliates: earn money advertising for us! You are renting a server with fragnet or plan to rent one but are short in money? Sign up for our... Do you offer any discounts, if I prepay? Yes, we do. We offer 3 different types of discounts for advance payments.We offer 10% off for 3... How do I Upgrade/Downgrade my server You can do this by following these few steps:1. Log in to our Billing Panel2. Click on Services... How do I cancel my service? Should you have any kind of issue with your Fragnet Service(s) please contact our support team to... How do I order additional services? It depends on the service you are wanting to add to your account.In most cases you can order the... How do I renew my services? If You want to renew Your contract You have to pay the next contract period up-front. Before the... How long do I have to sign up? The minimum contract period is 1 month.If You signing up for three months or more, You will get a... How soon will my order be ready? We aim to provide the fastest possible setup times for game and voice servers. Please have in... How will I know when my service is ready? You will receive a welcome email as soon as your order is deployed to you. Please have in mind... What forms of payment do Fragnet accepts? At the moment, we are accepting most major credit cards through Paypal / Payza as well as regular... Why am I receiving an invoice before my one month is over? We send out invoices one week in advance in order to give you time to pay. They are not due until... You charged me even after I cancelled? We never charge any client, nor do we store any credit card information or other similar data....
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