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New platform announcement and pricing updates

  • Wednesday, 31st March, 2021
  • 21:27pm

Dear clients,


We are excited to announce that we just released a new look for our website and our billing area.

Along with the new look, we have made some additional changes which you can read more about below. 


New Interactive Map

We have updated our location map to include more information such as Available DDoS protection, Transit Providers, and soon we will be adding test servers for all 21 regions.


New platform

As of today, we are launching Fragify in beta, our fork of the popular Pterodactyl panel. We aim to contribute to the open-source community, as well as offer you new features such as scheduled backups stored in a remote location in case a hardware failure occurs, an automated mod installer, directly install bukkit plugins from the panel, access to an open API and more!

We aim to add additional features, such as a "Steam Workshop Installer", hourly billing for games such as CS:GO and Minecraft, control through a Discord bot, and more.


Discord Bots

During the next few weeks, we will be enabling orders for our Discord bot selection which you can find here. If you already host a game server with us, the chances are that you can get a bot for free of charge - stay tuned for more information regarding this.



Updated pricing



With the release of Fragify, we are decreasing the pricing of Minecraft from $10 to $5.96 per GB. We are also giving you more control over how many resources you need to be allocated in terms of disk space and CPU cores, all of which can be configured during checkout or upgraded/downgraded.


We will be reaching out to all existing customers with a Minecraft server to migrate your server to the new platform as well as adjust the current pricing based on your current resource usage.



To continue providing top-notch performance, we are increasing our Rust slot pricing to $0.23/slot. Existing servers will be billed based on our previous slot pricing; however, if you would like to upgrade/downgraded, you will be charged with the new slot pricing.



Hardware upgrades

We are happy to announce that we are almost done with migrating from Intel's E3 CPUs to the new Intel's E series high-end CPUs as well as AMD's 3000 and 5000 series CPUs, allowing us to offer more performance per core as well as higher RAM frequency. 


We are hiring!

We are looking to expand our team and will soon announce more job offers (A link will be added here once announced) 

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