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Upcoming changes coming to the Game Panel

  • Friday, 25th September, 2020
  • 13:36pm

Dear clients,

We first would like to take a moment and thank you for choosing us to host your game and/or voice server!

It has been a while since we made changes to the UI of the game panel so we decided to push out both an updated UI as well as new features.

Those changes will take place the coming Monday (28th of September) and we will need to take the panel offline for about 2 hours to apply those changes. During this time, your game server will continue running. Feel free to check https://status.fragnet.net/incidents/tgf958h5dddx for the exact hours/timezone.

Here is a list of some new features/changes coming with the new panel update:

File Manager

Major changes have been made around the File Manager, those include but are not limited to:

  • Improved UI for both desktop/mobile browsers.
  • It is now possible to backup compressed files (.zip) to the cloud and perform actions such as reinstalling your server, without losing them. Simply right click on a compressed file and click "Backup". 
  • You can now clone git repositories directly to your server without having to download/upload them.
  • Syntax highlighting is available for various files ( .cfg, .json, .xml and more)

MySQL Databases

A MySQL manager has been integrated into the game panel, allowing you to create/manage/delete databases, without having to reach out to us to create a database for you. 

During the coming weeks, we will be reaching out in order to migrate your existing database into the game panel. If you would like to do that already, feel free to open a ticket. 


  • For each active game server, you can create a maximum of 1 database.
  • Each database has a maximum capacity of 10 GB.

Batch Steam Update

Got multiple servers to update? Say no more! This tool will allow you to run a steam update on multiple servers at once!

Maintenance Mode

When you open a ticket with us, there are times that we need to keep the server stopped while we are working on it. In order to force this, we have now added a "maintenance mode" feature which will show you a warning when trying to manage your server while we are working on it.

OAuth2 Support

You can now link of the following social platforms to your game panel's user and login without a password:

  • Discord
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Our billing panel 


New minecraft servers will no longer be installed with McMyAdmin 2 as it has been deprecated. Users with McMyAdmin can open a ticket with us in order to be migrated to our new Minecraft "template".

We have now automated the process of adding new versions of Vanilla, Bukkit, Paper and Spigot! The panel will check for updates every 1 hour and make them available if there is a new one.


Rust has been a game which we've been looking to increase the price for, due to the resources needed (even if a server is sitting idle).
With that being said, we are bumping the price of new servers to $0.30 /slot. NOTE: Existing clients will get to keep the same pricing as long as they don't change their slot number.
We also added some more features to the panel:

  • A direct link to the Facepunch web rcon tool has been added.
  • RUST Server Wiper function has been added. This will allow you to both run or schedule a wipe at a specific time, and you choose to wipe between: Blueprints, Identities, Deaths, Tokens, States, Map
  • Branch switcher (Allows to switch between Release/Staging/AUX branches)

Other changes

  • The panel is now translated to 14 Languages, including Russian, thanks to one of our team's members, Aiya.
  • You will now be redirected automatically to your game service(s) once you login.


Those are some of the most interesting features which will be added, but that's not all!
Our team has been working on re-writing a lot of the knowledgebase articles. The articles will not only be re-written, but will also be moved to a platform called "Confluence". Stay tuned!

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