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Available Position - Support Rep

  • Sunday, 3rd May, 2020
  • 02:15am


Available position - Support representative

Fragnet is looking for an experienced, technically minded, friendly individual

that will work well on the team. Customer satisfaction is where we excel along 

with high quality services. Our game server hosting platform and support 

backend are all carefully structured and we have very specific and fair policies 

that are easy to understand, follow and clarify to clients. You can understand 

what products we offer and which you will have to be able to support on our website

(https://www.fragnet.net). Due to our increasing amount of customers from

other time zones, we need to strengthen our team during certain hours.


Currently we are looking for:


- Support Representative


You will be required to send your CV. This should not be a full time job and you will

not be expected to be online every minute of the day. You MUST be able to access 

and respond to support tickets as often during the expected time window but do not

need to be working full time to achieve this. Please note, we expect you to be

available between 10 PM and 05 AM CEST


Make sure you include:

- Name, Address, Date of Birth and other contact details

- Qualifications

- Experience

- Some information about yourself and why you have come to apply to Fragnet


Ideally Required Skills:

- Excellent English written skill

- Ability to work well in a team

- Ability to follow instructions directly from other team members

- Ability to work at a high speed with highest quality results

- Excellent customer service and communication skills 

- Good technical knowledge of Windows systems 

- Experience in game server hosting

- Ability to multi-task and meet goals set and improve skills where directed

- Ability to troubleshoot technical issues that users are experiencing

- Ability to be on at appropriate hours


Please attach your CV in an email to jobs [at] fragnet.net. 

Please state clearly what role you are applying for. 


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