We are pleased to announce that with our continued growth and infrastructure expansions, we will also be reducing the prices of all Minecraft Server Packages to provide more competitive offerings.
Existing customers will be able to update their packages and pricing, also receiving a pro-rated refund to their account credit balance for any ongoing billing period.
Price Structure Comparison Chart:
1GB        12.99$             15.84$
1.5GB     16.99$             19.80$
2GB        19.99$             26.40$
3GB        29.99$             39.60$
4GB        39.99$             59.40$
5GB        49.99$             79.20$
In addition to the significant price reductions for Minecraft Servers, other notable changes have been made recently to further improve our standings as a world class Game Server hosting provider.
Network Upgrades: 
As Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks have become more prevalent, vast upgrades to our Networks have been made to combat these attacks. With our network stability and performance as a primary focus, massive investments have been made to secure multiple 10Gb/s Backbones for all major metropolitan locations, dramatically increasing the endurance of our networks against these attacks. In addition, we have started filtering DDOS attacks - stopping as many as 95% of the attacks upfront. We are working diligently with additional filtering, for the remaining attack types/patterns.
Support Department Improvements: 
While having a 24/7/365 Support Department available to assist our clients, we have been made aware that some customers have encountered issues when working with our entry level technicians in the past. As our knowledgeable support department is the foundation that Fragnet Networks was built upon, we have increased our standards for all technicians, ensuring that this quality is not an exception but the rule. Continued efforts will be made to improve not only our team but also all other support channels including the Knowledge-Base, Forums and Live-Chat.
We have also introduced a new role of Support Manager, intended to improve the areas where our team has fallen short of expectations in the past. This staff member has been assigned the task of addressing outstanding client concerns, performing follow-ups with our technicians, and working to effectively increase the overall efficiency of our Support Desk as a whole.

We are looking forward to meeting your expectations and pushing beyond those!

Fragnet Networks AB

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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