Given the recent events over the past week, we would take this opportunity to address all customers regarding some outstanding concerns. Many of you have reached out to us during this time, likely to be met with an extended delay in response from our team. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for any shortcomings on our end and provide a brief explanation to those whom have been affected.

We at Fragnet have always prided ourselves on providing both quick and efficient support, maintaining an average response time of 15 minutes under our 24/7 support department for many years. As of June 15th, one of our largest gaming titles, DAYZ Standalone, received a major update which introduced additional content and vast improvements. The increase in demand defied all expectations and resulted in an absolute massive influx of both new clientele as well as server orders. In turn, our staff has worked around the clock in an effort to ensure all customers whom require assistance are taken care of as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the number of cases submitted to our support desk have multiplied exponentially, resulting in over a 500% increase as of late. While we continue to respond to each party with a sense of urgency, the impact of recent events has made it nearly impossible to maintain our standard response times as of now.

We are absolutely here to serve you and our experienced personnel are empathetic to any problems you may currently have. As we continue to address each of your support cases individually, we would like to ask that you keep the following points in mind. The creation of multiple support tickets or responding to an existing ticket awaiting response will quite likely increase the delay in reply. We address every submitted case in the order it was received, where the aforementioned actions will reset your position. If you have a pending order that is awaiting setup, our team is fulfilling these as capacity becomes available and an update will be provided as soon as possible. We are doing our best to ensure social media channels are actively maintained, although the same increase in activity has presented, where our support desk will remain the primary channel to receive assistance.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding at this time and once again would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused thus far. We will continue to work diligently until every last client has been taken care of, where we hope you will continue to bare with us during the temporary delays we are experiencing.

The Fragnet Team

Sunday, June 26, 2016

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