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How to setup the FREE Procon Layer

With the rental of any Battlefield server, we also include a free Procon Layer hosted at no additional cost. This service is not automatically setup with the server, and must be manually created and configured after the Battlefield server has been setup and put online. Following the steps below, you will have a Procon Layer available at all times in the same location as your server, offering the absolute minimal latency possible.

1) From the Game Panel, go to the server page for your Battlefield 3 service instance.

2) Select the Joystick icon for Other Gaming Services and select ProCon Layer  from the Gaming Service to Install box. Once you have created the ProCon Layer, it will now appear in the Game Panel as a second Game Server instance.

3) From the ProCon Layer service, select the Default Config Files option, and then use the Config Editor to edit the procon.cfg file.

4) Take the Admin RCON (Remote Console) Password from your BF3 server and place it in the box marked as Your BF3 admin password.

5) Save this file and then restart the ProCon Layer service for the connection to be established between your layer and the BF3 server.

NOTE: You can find the existing default ProCon Layer account and/or add new accounts to the layer via the accounts.cfg in the Default Config Files section of the Game Panel. Any changes to these configuration files will require a restart of the layer service to take effect.

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